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When was the last time your website actually made you money? When you originally came up with your current website design, what were your goals? Have you ever performed a website analysis to see how effective your current website is?

When a business decides to have a website created, they rarely start with a website analysis. If they have ever even heard of website analysis, they tend to think a web designer should have sufficient knowledge. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Talk with any designer and ask them how they perform website analysis. They usually concentrate on the design itself, and verify the visual part of your site is pleasing and acceptable to you. They rarely provide you with details on the website analysis, and how your site will perform as a business tool. We look at website analysis as a way of catapulting your marketing process, and bringing you in the traffic that will increase your sales.

· Website analysis isn’t about how attractive your website is. Website analysis is showing you the results from creating a graphically enhanced site that shows professionalism, and entices your reader to keep reading, and ultimately make a purchase from you.

· Website analysis isn’t about having a lot of pages. Website analysis showing you the results of having content rich pages. You want your website to talk to the people visiting. You want them to follow through your thought process as they move from page to page. You want your website to provide a thorough amount of information that relates directly back to your company.

· Website analysis isn’t just about having a presence on the web. Website analysis is showing you how to use the incredible tools the Internet has to offer. It’s about having a tool that allows you to try different types of marketing methods, and make direct contact with the people that will buy from you.

· Website analysis isn’t about having your information on the web. Website analysis is about understanding how to work the web, and having control over creating a living, changing document that allows you to sell on the web.

Vision Business Concepts Inc. was created out of a love for website design and marketing. We created an award-winning website over 10 years ago that changed the way we did business. We are pioneers in website design, and what a good website design can do for your business. And we have the ability to show you how to receive the same results with your website using our 21 point website analysis.

We would love to discuss your plans and goals, and see how our website analysis can change you from a business on the web, to a business selling on the web.



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